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Having managed to persuade Sanctuary Records to back us and work with us to restore "Born to Boogie" the movie to it's former glory and preserve the rest of the footage that Ringo Starr and Marc had enjoyed shooting together back in the 70s, Brian Dunham first teamed up with Martin Barden back in 2003 to develop the "Born to Boogie" Multi Media Project.

It soon turned into a labour of love and hand in hand with Sanctuary and the support of Bill Legend, Rolan Bolan and a highly professional Production Team we managed to produce a wonderful, high quality testament to the phenomenon that was T. Rex with a #1 Music DVD in 2005.

With Tony Visconti enjoying the chance to re-visit and digitally remaster the Audio CD to give us the best "T. Rex Live from Wembley" album – which is simply the best Live recording of T.Rex.

With Martin Barden going on to new ventures elsewhere we are fortunate to have Steve Gallant join Born to Boogie Production as a new partner. Today we are broadening the scope of our work and this website to support the whole range and gamut of projects featuring the music of Marc Bolan and T.Rex.

Short Biographies for Born to Boogie Productions Directors, Brian and Steve can be seen below.

Brian Dunham - Director

It was back in 1998 that I first started badgering Wizard that “Born to Boogie” should be released in DVD format. But it was not till 2001 that Ringo Starr agreed to let us do the Research and Development enabling us to hawk the product around the Record Labels.

Once appointed as Executive Producer in 2003 I teamed up with Martin Barden to develop the “Born to Boogie” Multi Media Project. Crucially we found a believer in Mark Roberts at Sanctuary Records.

It then turned into a labour of love with Tony Visconti enjoying the chance to re-visit and Digitally remaster the Audio CD to give us the best “T. Rex Live from Wembley” album.

Particular thanks to Bill Legend, Rolan Bolan and a hugely supportive Production Team from Sanctuary for their sterling efforts in creating a # 1 Music DVD in 2005.

The following year Martin and I then worked with Demon Vision to produce a second T. Rex DVD called “T. Rex on TV” which gave us a # 3 Music DVD in 2006.

The following year we managed to get “Marc Bolan:The Celebration” Concert staged at the Shepherds Bush Empire with considerable help from the PRS Members Fund. Featuring Gloria Jones and Marc Almond, Tony Visconti and Andy Ellison plus Danielz and T. Rextasy amongst others. Particular thanks to Liberation Entertainment who helped us to record that concert for posterity.

The following year we worked with a whole raft of Artistes to produce “Bolan’s Birthday Boogie” at the Café de Paris in London in order to celebrate Marc’s 60th Birthday in 2007. Particular thanks to Boy George and Sebastian Horsley and Katharine Ellis for their contributions.

The following year I started working with Nicky Graham to Co - produce “20th Century Boy – the Musical” in order to celebrate Marc’s Ouvre in 2008. This burst into life at the New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich in September 2011 and was warmly received by Bolan fans.

Having become a fan over the years and after 27 years working with the music of Marc Bolan, I am now trying to Keep the Flame alive.

Steve Gallant - Director

When I was Commercial Director at Universal Music UK we re-issued the whole Tyrannasaurus Rex catalogue and first two T.Rex albums in 1999.

In 2000 we collaborated with Demon Music to create a complete hits package for T.Rex, marketed by UMTV and sold internationally.

In 2001, for the 30th Anniversary of Electrric Warrior, the album was remastered and upgraded, with Tony Visconti contributing behind the desk, but also new notes and previously unseen photos.

And finally we created the 4CD box set "20th Century Boy" spanning Marc's using the iconic style of Red, Black and White of "The Slider" album and a cover shot from the same photoshoot.

Having been a fan for over 40 years and after 30 years in entertainment, I am now aiming to assist Marc's legacy through Born to Boogie.

Metal Guru