Bolan at the BBC

Bolan at the BBC

We are pleased to inform you of the release of the 6-CD / Download collection ‘Marc Bolan at the BBC’. It is the most ambitious and complete collection of Marc Bolan’s BBC recordings so far – of the 117 tracks almost half appear here for the very first time. A 2 CD collection, Marc Bolan at the BBC – The Best of the BBC Recordings will be released simultaneously.

‘Marc Bolan at the BBC’ has been compiled and researched by Clive Zone, who has spent over five years working on this set, gaining access to collector’s ultra-rare reel-to-reel tapes and BBC Transcription Discs that even the BBC no longer seem to have in their archive. The box also includes interviews that have never received an official release. In addition, a number of the tracks that appeared on the now unavailable, 2007 ‘Bolan At The Beeb’ box set are presenting in their entirety and in some cases utilising better quality recordings than in the past.

The sessions cover the entire sweep of Marc’s career from John’s Children through Tyrannosaurus Rex to the superstar T.Rex years.

Boxset details

This box set is the most ambitious and complete collection of BBC recordings so far, but sadly is far from being complete. As we know, over the years the BBC have wiped and lost many sessions and concerts which were recorded in the late ‘60s and ‘70s. This collection is a testament to the tenacity and dedication of one man. That man is collector and part-time sleuth Clive Zone.

Clive has spent over 6 years collecting and researching this box set pulling in favours from the Bolan community and compiling the very best sources where possible. A few of the sessions and concerts did exist in the BBC archive but those which did not have been sourced from BBC Transcription Discs, off air recordings made on reel-to-reel tape recorders and in one or two instances cassette tapes.

The sound recording on one or two tracks may not be up to 2013 standards but as no other sour exists we thought you’d rather hear something rather than nothing.

Disc One opens with the one and only session recorded by Marc’s first band, John’s Children, recorded for the BBC Radio One – Saturday Club in June 1967 and also includes all of the sessions recorded for John Peel’s Top Gear programme between November 1967 and December 1968

Disc Two contains 4 Top Gear sessions plus 3 interviews for the Night Ride programme recorded in June 1969 and the In Concert performance recorded in January 1970

Disc Three contains the Top Gear session from October 1970, 2 songs from the long lost Bob Harris session from November 1970, a Dave Lee Travis session from December 1970 and 5 songs recorded live for the December 1970 broadcast of the John Peel Sunday Concert.

Disc Four features 8 songs recorded for the Radio One Club and broadcast in March and July of 1971 plus a session recorded for the Bob Harris “Sound of the Seventies” show in August 1971 plus an interview with Tony Norman in 1971, Keith Altham in 1972 and a stunning recording of Telegram Sam for the January 1972 Peter Powell show.

Disc Five and Disc Six contain mixes which were exclusively recorded for the BBC between May 1972 and January 1974 plus interviews with Marc which he did with Johnny Moran, Nicky Horne, Anne Nightingale and David Hamilton.