Born to Boogie, The Motion Picture - The Story

In 1972 Marc Bolan’s fortunes were aflame, with T.Rex topping charts around the world; Marc Bolan defined the post-Beatles pop scene. As the greatest star of his era, Bolan followed in the grand tradition of Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, and the Beatles with a natural progression to the silver screen.

The great Hollywood heroes had fired his boyhood imagination in the 1950s and given him the self-belief to transform from Mark Feld to Marc Bolan, so it made complete sense for him to immortalise himself in celluloid. Doing so with a former Beatle made for the perfect recipe.

T.Rex’s autumn 1971 ‘Electric Warrior’ tour had witnessed widespread fan mania, causing Marc’s management considerable security headaches. In the UK in the 1960s and early ‘70s, bands seldom played at venues with capacities larger than two or three thousand, but as demand to see Bolan was clearly out-stripping supply, a large venue where his safety could be guaranteed was required.

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