Born to Boogie Blu Ray Competition

Here is your chance to win a copy of this soon to be released “Born to Boogie” on Blu–Ray.

Simply answer our five questions below. All correct entries will be put into a draw where one winner will be selected at random. The winner will be announced on the website once the draw has been made. Good luck.

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The Questions
At the Wembley concert, what three songs were performed but didn’t feature in the original movie?
What was the only song performed at the concert that was a UK single but didn’t reach No.1?
In the concert, Marc shouts out a 3-word phrase which inspired Ringo Starr to write his own No.2 hit of the same name. What was the phrase?
In that same year, Marc had kept one of Elton John’s records at No.2. What was that record?
At the Tea party scene, who is conducting the string quartet?
At the Tea party scene, who is dressed as a vampire?