Born to Boogie, The Motion Picture - The DVD

April 2016 Update

At long last – Demon Records have done the package justice by

1.) Releasing the Afternoon and Evening Wembley Concerts on Vinyl – in time for Record Store Day
2.) Scheduling the Release of Born to Boogie the Movie on Blu – Ray for later this year.

Both with the packaging paying respect to the imagery from the Original Programme from back in the day.

Kindly provided by Graham Hill of Startling Music.

Born to boogie Born to boogie

Almost since the day of the release of the original movie, Marc Bolan fans have wondered what happened to the bits and pieces which did not make it to the final edit. From the end-title sequence alone, which utilises many pieces of cine-film and out-takes from the project, it is clear that more film was shot than was used in the film.

Add to this Marc Bolan’s contemporary interviews, in which he claimed that over 50 hours of film had been shot, and a legend grew up around hidden cans filled with hour upon hour of ‘lost’ performances.

When the movie was released on VHS in the early 1990s, hopes that some of these out-takes would re-emerge were dashed: the package contained the original 64 minutes, no more, no less. Confusingly, the soundtrack CD, released at the same time as the video, revealed additional aural elements which were not included in the film… Ringo Starr’s willingness to license the movie for screening at Bolan fan conventions during that decade also gave rise to speculation that one day, some how, the rushes would be rediscovered. But as the millennium closed, the mystery continued and the cans, if they existed, remained sealed and hidden.

With the new century the DVD format has quickly come to dominate the market for pre-recorded films and music programmes. With its greatly enhanced content capacity, DVD is ideal for revisiting old and recent film and music releases and adding previously deleted and lost scenes, additional interviews, trailers, memorabilia and so forth. It also delivers crystal-clear picture quality ...

Cans of film Cans of film