Born to Boogie, The Motion Picture - The Film

From the 1972 Born to Boogie press kit compiled by Leslie Perrin, Ringo Starr’s publicist.


“Born to Boogie” is, according to Marc Bolan who stars in it with T.Rex, ... “a film with surrealistic overtones”. It is also a film laden with music of the “Boogie Bopper” complex; by that one means “it sells on disc…” and will surely achieve a carbon “black” copy success for this Apple film which is produced, directed by and also stars Ringo Starr. The film is about that which is happening in pop music – NOW!

Among the fourteen songs (plus a reprise of many) are at least six Marc Bolan Number One hits. It is not intended as a documentary of our time and moment – but simply an offering to appeal to those youngsters – maybe starting around 11 years and up’ards who just wish to hear their music, to be catered for, to be able to go to a cinema and see, hear, absorb and enjoy some sixty-five minutes prepared purely with them in mind.

Certainly if the record of Messrs Bolan, Starr, Elton John… “and other nuns” is any criteria then they have the formula for success. So – wherever you see “Born to Boogie”, please leave any pre-conceived ideas outside… and bring your teenage mentor into the warmth and rapport she or he will feel with this delightful film – made expressly with THEM in mind...

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