The Celebration Concert - The Background

Brian and Rolan

During a conversation in Los Angeles between Brian Dunham (Catalogue Manager for T.Rex) and Rolan Bolan in the Spring of 2006, Rolan mentioned that he'd like to honour his father's life and work by staging a concert in his memory to coincide with the 30th anniversary of his untimely death.

In his inimitable style, Brian picked up on the idea and set about making it happen. He contacted record producer Nicky Graham in his capacity as Chair of the PRS Members' Fund. Nicky had previously championed the establishment of a permanent memorial to Marc Bolan at the crash site in Barnes, London SW, where Marc met his tragic end. the PRS Members' Fund is one of the two charities which benefit from earnings derived from Marc Bolan's pre 1972 recordings.

A steering group was convened which settled down to include Brian, Nicky, promoter Andrew Miller and his daughter Faye, PR Debbie Bennett, Danielz (of T.Rextasy), and his wife Caron Willans and Martin Barden. Their mission was to produce a line-up of Bolan's friends and fellow musicians, and those influenced by him down the years to perform a night to remember.